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Wide Product Range

With our a total of 4000m² space, we serve our valualbe customers with a wide product range of half precious metals like stainless steel and aluminium.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud of serving our customers with our understanding of always prioritizing customer satisfaction over anything else.

Proper Pricing

We do serve optimal solutions with most convenient pricing to our customers.

30 years on the market

Being founded back in 1988, we are serving our valuable customers with over 30 years of expertise on the market. We do serve our wide range of products with affordable prices and a fast delivery service.

"Metals Market" service

By keeping a stock of stainless steel, aluminium and other half-precious metals all together, we do server a metals market service.

Our product cataog

Stainless Steel

With it's high corrosion resistance, self-protecting, self-repairing lasting value aspects, stainless steels are most widely used steel kind of our day and used by most industries.


With it's aspects like light-weightiness, resilience, easy processability and affordable prices, it does find a wide use for itself in many industries.

All around the world
With our wide range of supply and delivery chains, we do trade over 3 continents and more then 17 countries.

Our references
Here is some of our major references: